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Ellen Bryson

Author & Editor

"Our uniqueness alone is enough to justify our  place in the world..."

Ellen Bryson, Author, Editor



Set in New York, 1864, a human 'freak' contemplates human appetites and longings, and what it means to be profoundly unique.


A young thief is separated from her grifter parents and ends up helping a Boston spiritualist trick the famous Harry Houdini into believing she can raise the dead.


Past and present collide when a woman who hears voices inherits the old country house of an actress accused of murdering a prostitute in 1836. 

Our uniqueness alone is enough to justify our special place in the world. But even more, our destiny insists we use our gifts to show others who they really are or show them what, in an ideal world, they could become. It may shock them at first, but deep down, we open their eyes to greater possibilities.

                                                         From "The Transformation of Bartholomew Fortuno" 


"Wildly inventive, highly entertaining"

The Times (UK)

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